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Social Security Disability Application Denials

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If you are denied on your Social Security Disability or SSI benefit claim, you should request an appeal immediately, within the 60-day deadline. In some cases, you should personally do this yourself, even if you have legal representation, simply to have the appeal request “officially” on record as soon as possible.

Always Appeal!

Amazingly, most disability claims that are denied are not appealed. Claimants tend to give up on the process, file an appeal too late, or file a brand new claim (a mistake). A failure to appeal in a timely manner or filing a brand new claim will have the same end result: A loss of appeal rights, thereby forcing you to start over at the very beginning with a new Social Security Disability or SSI application.

Appealing Has the Best Chance at Winning

It is during the Social Security Disability appeals process (as opposed to making a new application) that a claimant has the best chance of winning a claim and being awarded benefits. Filing a new application, either because someone thought it was a good idea or the appeal deadline was missed, is simply a waste of valuable time. Subsequent applications for disability will likely be denied for the same reasons as the first application. In either case, missing an appeal deadline or starting a new application instead of appealing a denial are situations to be avoided because they waste a significant amount of time. If you did miss your appeal deadline and don’t have a good reason for doing so, you should reapply for disability.

What to Do After a Denial

  • Figure out why your case was denied. Learn about what a denial means.
  • Consider hiring an SSDI lawyer in Muskegon to help you appeal the denial. Learn about the pros and cons of hiring a disability lawyer.
  • Contact the Social Security office (or your attorney) and request an appeal.

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